Remydmc – Quarantine Season


Quarantine Season is a new mixtape from Miami-based artist, Remydmc. Blending elements of hip hop, R&B and pop, the release emits positive vibes, as he chronicles the weeks spent in quarantine. After being laid off from his full time job at Carnival Cruise Line, Remydmc has been able to fully immerse himself is musical pursuits. The songs are honest and introspective. The artist examines his own emotions and tries to work through his experiences, with a focus on learning and moving forward. Featuring some chill beats and unexpectedly creative inserts (Rick and Morty samples, etc), the music is mellow and the pacing is moderate. The beat is still thick enough to get down to though, balancing nicely with the personal interludes. Delivery wise, Remydmc has a decent flow and keeps the action fluid. This mixtape is structured almost like a diary. Decades from now, releases like Quarantine Season will make for interesting time capsules. I wish this guy luck. He maintains a good attitude in the face of adversary and demonstrates some splendid skills on these recordings.

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