Shyeta – Lovesick (3)

Lovesick is new EP from singer/songwriter, Shyeta. The artist has an impressive background in music, having recorded her first song Fake Friends at the age of just 12 and subsequently worked with several labels as a teenager. The album stands out for its professionalism. Shyeta has clearly dedicated a lot of time and energy into learning about and mastering her craft, right down to the fundamentals. She doesn’t rely on any flashy marketing or smoke and mirrors production gimmickry. Her vocals are reminiscent of icons like Brandy and Whitney Houston, not just in tone (though she does actually sound a bit like Brandy) but in the quality of the singing. While many contemporary Pop/R&B style artists put the focus on image and packaging, Shyeta’s performances are rich with talent and substance. There’s real passion here. In the title track, Lovesick it’s amazing the way she really belts out the lyrics with everything she’s got.

There’s a nice variety of beats and backing music, not just standard stuff either. The music for Suicide 8002738255 has a vintage, psychedelic quality to it. One of my other favorite tracks is Rebirth which has an almost “fairy tale” kind of vibe. Shyeta’s voice is what makes this album as good as it is though. Very few artists will ever be able to perform at the same level as their heroes and influences. Shyeta is an exception, and this album proves it. Lovesick helps to reestablish the high standards that were once the hallmark of this genre.

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