Corbin Canvas – JIVE JIVE


JIVE JIVE is a new EP from New York-based artist Corbin Canvas. The songs have a groovy, retro-futuristic vibe. Backed by soulful beats that proceed at a danceable pace, Corbin’s fresh and quick-witted vocals flow smoothly throughout. His voice has a natural charisma, while the lyrics are catchy, clever and occasionally humorous. The synth and sample-driven music is very polished, demanding a strong vocal performance, (which Corbin indeed delivers). Basically, this recording offers an interestingly futuristic blend of hip hop, house, and soul, with some Caribbean elements thrown in. I’ve reviewed thousands of releases, and I haven’t really heard anything quite like this before. That alone makes JIVE JIVE worth listening to, but it helps that it’s also very good.

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