ClaT – March ’20 – EP


March ’20 is a new EP from Italy-based artist, ClaT (real name: Claudio Tagliabue). The songs were inspired by songwriting and recording experiments he conducted on a long weekend during the lockdown earlier this year (one of the tracks is literally titled Quarantine). Rather than a depressing and somber ambiance, these songs actually rock pretty hard, as assertive guitars and pulsating beats drive much of the action. Deterioration, a retro-futuristic, a synth driven jam that sounds like it belongs on a George A. Romero film soundtrack, is positively invigorating. Blending elements of rock, punk, synth pop, alternative and new wave, this EP brings everything together cohesively, packing quite a punch into its brief runtime. Given that it was the product of an artist experimenting during odd conditions, it sounds surprisingly professional. This is like one of those old indie records you stumble upon in a thrift store and it turns out to be a gem. March ’20 is powerful and compact. It’s a great example of what can be achieved by combining musical talent with total focus on a project.

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