Radio Drive – 2020 Vision – EP (5)

2020 Vision is a new EP from Kevin Gullickson of Radio Drive. The album contains 6 of Radio Drive’s most successful singles released over the past several years. It might seem cliche to say that these jams rock, but I could honestly feel the bass through my laptop. I’ve reviewed thousands of recordings, and very few have had that effect. The guitars are nice and thick, offering up a jolting, no-nonsense sound on some songs, while conveying a sentimental precision on others. This music is classified as alternative, but it’s more of the powerful variety rather than the whiny, depressing sort (though I happen to enjoy that style as well). This guy actually sings much better than the typical alternative rock vocalist. That’s for sure. At times, his vocals remind me almost of power rock legends like Kevin Cronin, just really solid technical ability and a clean, shattering voice that’s simply been adapted for another genre. Overall, the music is very bright and colorful, like Blind Melon but with more punch to it. My favorite track on this EP is A Taste of Heaven, which is truly a perfect song. The guitars and vocals blend so well into one another that the enhanced result feels like a product of melodic alchemy.

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