Second Hand Mojo – Open Up Your Mind

Second Hand Mojo OUYM

Open Up Your Mind is a new single from Canton/Detroit based band, Second Hand Mojo. Scheduled be released on 7/31/2020, the song captures the authentic classic rock sound. It’s so cleanly recorded and professionally performed, it would not seem out of place on a Top 40 radio station’s rotation in 1987. The vocals are excellent. No autotune or processing sorcery, just a guy who can actually sing. The guitars have some spice to them, too, with some complex riffs and a refined vintage tone. This is like one of those songs you’d hear during the end credits of classic ’80s movie, where you’re all pumped up after the euphoric conclusion. Open Up Your Mind just has that feel. One can’t help but marvel at the musical craftsmanship displayed in this song. It just doesn’t get much better than this.

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