Ashton D. Rose – Ripped Jeans

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Ripped Jeans is a new single from Mechanicsburg, PA based artist, Ashton D. Rose. It’s safe to say that this sort of jam has a lot going for it. The song has an authentic indie intro, featuring guitars, strategic noise and vocals with enveloped in a nice, deep reverb. Then a beat kicks in and we’re treated to some danceable indie pop goodness. Ashton strikes a nice balance between the avant garde and the stylish. He doesn’t come off like he’s trying too hard. The ambiance is hypnotic enough for one’s mind to get lost in. This is just the sort of track that girls love to vibe out to on the dance floor. It’s subtly emotional, slightly sensual and thoroughly enjoyable. Ripped Jeans is refreshing to listen to and reminds me of being young. It’s cool to see that indie songs like this are still even being made.

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