Sven Andrew – Can’t Wait Till This Is All Over


Can’t Wait Till This Is All Over is a new single from Nuremberg, Germany based artist, Sven Andrew. Written during the COVID-19 lockdown, the track is from his upcoming album, Created in Quarantine. The song is a crossover/synthpop jam, notable for its pristine production (both the song and the video) and solid songwriting. What distinguishes this song from other lockdown related releases is that Sven captures the existential angst and anxiety associated with these bizarre times. The video helps to accentuate these elements through the artist’s expressions and the surrounding settings. The ambiance is peppy and upbeat, while being refreshingly honest about the situation. There’s an underlying unease about the future but also an anticipation. The content is topical, but Can’t Wait Till This Is All Over is a top notch pop song and can stand on its own. Sven is a capable vocalist, and this track will still be musically enjoyable long after the pandemic related material seems dated.

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