Red Brick Road – Bobby Joe


Bobby Joe is a new single from Detroit-based band, Red Brick Road. It’s a solid, straightforward American alternative rock song. The production is professional and clean, with no autotune, no BS, no smoke and mirrors. This almost feels like it’s from another era. Bobby Joe is one of those “narrative” tracks that (in this case) tells a story about a guy who kills an innocent kid whom he suspects of being a thief. Reminiscent of classic songs like Take the Money and Run, the storyline is well written, memorable and genuinely captivating. All of this is bolstered by the fact that the band members can actually sing and play their instruments. A lot of the technical guitar work is incredible and features some legit shredding. The video is well made, as good as anything you’d see on MTV in its golden age. Much of the footage takes place is in some kind of abandoned building structure, contributing to the gritty rock’n’roll ambiance. Anyway, Bobby Joe is an impressive release all-around. These guys have their genre mastered and just need to keep getting their name out there.

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