Monotronic – Kids of Summer


Kids of Summer is a new single from New York-based band, Monotronic. Featuring a high octane, colorfully kaleidoscopic beat, this is a true “summertime jam.” The song is much catchier and more emotive than standard contemporary EDM songs, largely because passionate vocals play a prominent role. It’s like if you were to blend synthpop with emo. The beat is unconventional and utilizes some unique sounds. I don’t think I’ve heard anything quite like it but it’s extremely powerful at the climactic points. I can feel the adrenaline and euphoria kicking in even as I’m sitting in my chair. True to its title, Kids of Summer is a very youth oriented song, exploring themes relating to the (seemingly) limitless opportunities and possibilities available to young people looking to seize the moment. Curiosity and a yearning to get out and experience the world are hallmarks of coming of age for a type of Bohemian young person, whom this song will certainly resonate with. I know because I used to be one. The track has all the ingredients of an underground dancepop hit. It can get there.

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