Kris Greer – How’d I Get Here?


How’d I Get Here? is a new EP from Southern California-based hip hop artist, Kris Greer. His delivery is tight, and the flow is off the charts, especially in the attention-grabbing first track, Losin’ Control. This fast paced and multi-dimensional jam impresses on many levels, as it incorporates complex songwriting structure and vocal choreography. Everything is just very well timed. Black Roses has more mellow, minimalist and ambient backing music, with Greer’s vocals up front driving the action. He has a sharp and quick cadence when rapping normally, but his freestyle takes on a more “stream-of-consciousness” style vibe. The final two songs are the most melodic and feature elements of pop and R&B. They also show a little bit of the artist’s sentimental side. On these tracks he goes beyond rapping and demonstrates that he’s a fairly capable singer. This little album is fresh, and the performances live up to the polished production and stylish beats.

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