Kev, Just Kev – Amethyst EP


Amethyst is a new EP from artist, “Kev, Just Kev.” The ambiance is bright and casually uplifting, as these songs are performed in the spirit of promoting change and well-being. Blending elements of pop and hip hop with a light, tropically futuristic vibe, the music is poignant and enjoyable. This album has a jovial and innocent quality, inspiring people to push forward with a positive attitude. It makes for a very pleasant afternoon listen. The backing beats are colorful and pretty, really setting the mood. Kev, Just Kev’s vocals are laid back, quietly sentimental and occasionally profound. He has a knack for writing clever lyrics, which he often delivers in creative and unpredictable ways. My personal favorite track is probably Aura, which has a vaguely retro 1960’s pop feel. It’s just very cool and classy.

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