Drew Ramz feat. Alex Scott – Wasted Away


Wasted Away is a new single from artists Drew Ramz and Alex Scott. The song cultivates a tropical, summertime ambiance and lyrically pays homage to the classic Jimmy Buffett hit, Margaritaville. Giving things a contemporary twist, the track chronicles the modern experience of leisurely club culture. There are elements of nostalgia and reflection. Musically, the song is casual and melodic, with bright, oceanic vibes. It has a bit of an early 90’s, retro feel even though the lyrical content largely relates to the 2020s. Wasted Away is catchy, quirky and fun, while the tone implies an underlying sadness. It manages to enjoy the fruits of derivativity while creatively establishing its own identity. The brief hip hop interlude adds another nostalgia-activating dimension, reminiscent of the light, once prevalent summertime pop songs of yesteryear. Wasted Away is scheduled to be released officially on August 21st, 2020.

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