Damien Knight – Horas Traviesas (feat. G-LUCID)


Horas Traviesas is a new single from Damien Knight, who enlisted the talents of fellow artist G-LUCID for this reggaeton banger. To give you a taste of the content, in English the title translates to “naughty hours.” Featuring a captivating intro and exotically melodic backbeat, the song is crisp and catchy. The vocal delivery is tight with the rhythm, while the mid-paced beat is danceable and fresh. This crowd-pleasing club jam is sure to get the juices flowing. The production quality is solid, with a compact and punchy mix. Keep your eyes peeled for Damien and his team: ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE and G-lucid, as they continue to crank out new music releases for the world’s enjoyment.

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