Purple Tone Flower – If I Were


If I Were is a new single from artist, Purple Tone Flower (the solo project of Mauricio Flores Sánchez). This reflective track was apparently inspired by the artist’s experience running an errand in the city with his 2 year old son. He noticed his son’s expression of both overwhelming awe and a bit of fear as they maneuvered through the rush hour crowd. So the song basically takes a look at the world through that perspective.

Musically, the song is excellent. Blending elements or rock, funk, pop, and a host of micro-genres, If I Were has a polished and groovy vibe. The guitar work is meticulous and professional, with a sonically pleasing, vintage tone. You can hear every note in its delicate, delightful detail. The ambiance is bright, and the action moves quickly. The emotive and dynamic yet subdued vocals are just the right for this adult contemporary style of music. While the song subtly possesses some melancholic undercurrents, the melody has a nice, bouncy pop to it. Overall, the track cultivates a carefree and inspirational outlook, offering the listener a brief relief from the everyday pressures of city living.

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