Jay Stott – Wreckage of Now


Wreckage of Now is a new album from Colorado-based artist Jay Stott. The sound is basically roots Americana blended with rock’n’roll. As a performer, Jay gives off the vibe of a rugged and well-traveled musical journeyman. He’s obviously a seasoned songwriting professional and knows how to play his instruments. Many of the songs have romantic undertones within the the context of their adventurous, open-road ambiance. One of the best of these is Desert Heat, which features hauntingly ethereal backing music (including some pretty groovy guitar riffs). Lyrically, this album takes on a reflective, almost confessional tone. It’s as if we’re listening to the artist reveal his true feelings about certain meaningful people and events in his life. From sorrow and regret to passion and euphoria, he runs the gambit of emotions. Wreckage of Now is rich with life experience and is quiet satisfying.

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