Vincent Krennerich – Flugträume


Flugträume is a new single from 21-year-old Bavaria-based artist, Vincent Krennerich. As hinted by the cover art, the title means “dreams of flying” and is a common German expression. The song itself is a majestic mini-masterpiece. Krennerich’s piano playing is delicate and meticulous, conveying emotion that’s both elevating and sentimental. Sparse, sensitive keystrokes and strategic pauses cultivate an aura of openness and reflective solitude. The chorus-like musical backing energizes the ambiance at climactic points. Clean production and a minimalist mix allow the listener to appreciate the sonic details and subtleties of the recording. Unpretentiously inspirational and thought provoking, Flugträume is an avant garde and melodic song that glides quietly under the radar.

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