Visionz2turnt – Drip Glitch


Drip Glitch is a new EP from hip hop artist, Visionz2turnt (V2T for short). True to the title, the songs incorporate glitch-hop style beats, while blending elements of trap, rap and pop. The resulting sound is highly creative and spontaneous. Visionz2turnt’s delivery is tight with the beat, and he makes use of dynamic vocal inflection for maximum flavor. He really is a naturally exciting performer and doesn’t merely go through the motions. His technical ability is strong as well, as he is able to change pace abruptly without missing a step. Many rappers would not be imaginative to deliver lyrics with the flair and vibrancy that V2T demonstrates on these recordings. Production quality is solid. Someone did a great job of mastering, as the mix is full, clean and extra loud. My favorite jam on here is probably CLOUT PACK, which features some fresh 8-bit electronic sounds that accentuate the retro-futuristic beat nicely. There’s a lot of action to appreciate on this lively little release.

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