Joseph Nevels – Safe


Safe is a new single from artist, Joseph Nevels. Joseph has previously received millions of streams and had his music featured on Netflix and in films. The latest song, Safe, was produced by some big names, including Noah Barer and Grammy nominated Johan Lenox. What’s impressive about this track is how it manages to establish avant garde and intellectual credibility while retaining its appeal to a wider, pop audience. As the title suggests, Safe is making a statement about safety. To paraphrase the artist, the song is about the , need for safety and security. It addresses the issue specifically within the context of emotional safety as a necessary component to forming healthy, loving relationships.

Musically, the backing music has a an ambient, almost analog quality, with subtle tape noise and organic sounding synths cultivating an aesthetic atmosphere. It’s all very dreamlike and ethereal. Really though, it’s Joseph Nevels’ vocals that carries the song. He has an excellent voice and can hit some impressive high notes. I mean this guy has clearly had some training and is really a phenomenal singer. His performance lives up to the caliber of the names associated with the production of this project. I realize it’s incredibly difficult to stand out and gain traction in a crowded genre like this, but this song has the means to do just that. It’s a very strong release.

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