Justin Case Rapping Grandpa – Jeff Hardyy (feat. Ace Young & Tezza Baretta)


Jeff Hardyy (feat. Ace Young & Tezza Baretta) is a new single from hip hop artist, Justin Case Rapping Grandpa. Justin describes himself as a “real grandpa who raps.” Apparently he was homeless 5 years ago before slowly climbing to where he is today. Though he definitely has a sense of humor, his music is not a novelty bit. He definitely has some legit skills, and you’d never guess he’s a grandpa from his performance, which is virile and brimming with vitality. His delivery is charismatic, and his voice asserts a rather commanding presence. You just get the sense that this guy is ready to handle biz at all times. As a song, Jeff Hardyy has a fresh and funky beat. Both Ace Young & Tezza Baretta triangulate the track powerfully with their distinguishing performances. They all have great musical synergy together, and you can tell they really had a ball making this track. Their vocals blend cohesively, and each rapper gets his moment to shine. Justin Case Rapping Grandpa has an audiobook out as well. Be sure to check out the link to the upcoming concert below if you are going to be in the Wilmington, NC area.

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