Nathan Sloan – On Fire

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On Fire is a recent single from artist, Nathan Sloan. The song appears on his independent EP, Peter. What’s immediately notable about this track is that it contains some of the best vintage guitar tones I’ve ever heard. I used to work in the amplification and high end audio industry, and I’ve seen people spend tens of thousands of dollars attempting to achieve this kind of sonic goodness. On Fire also features some sparkling synths and crisp bass. The mix has a robust and rich fullness while retaining a compact, minimalist quality to it.


Nathan’s vocals are dynamic and he sings rather well. His delivery is fluid and stylish, with a little bit of old school indie flavor. He reminds me a bit of some of the better vocalists in late 90s and early 2000s garage revival bands like The Strokes. His performance is emotive yet also confident. The recording itself has a clean, analog sound. The whole thing is just very professional. Keep your eyes peeled for Nathan Sloan’s upcoming multi-genre EP, Beretta. Inspired by the loss of his friend Shwan to police brutality, his latest project apparently includes appearances by legends like Lil B The Based God, Luscious Duncan and Thrashkitten (Sooper Swag Project).

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