Wibby White – His Name is Wibby White

gI_87592_New Wibby24

His Name is Wibby White is a new EP from Miami-based artist, Wibby White. Wibby has been in the game a long time and is a bit of an underground pop icon, with releases (including vinyl) dating back to the early nineties. His latest musical endeavor blends elements of synthpop and disco to create an invigoratingly groovy sound. The recording has a rich, melodic fullness that’s hard to find in other contemporary pop releases. Wibby White gives a lively and dynamic performance, his voice just brimming with vitality. This is disco, as raw and authentic as it gets. The backing music features some incredible retro synths, straight out of an episode of Buck Rogers or Battlestar Galactica dance scene. The songs themselves have a pureness and sincerity to them as Wibby White’s vocals are fueled by unrestricted passion. A name like “Wibby White” has a built in star quality to it, exactly like something you’d find on a obscure classic record. His Name is Wibby White is a fresh new album from a living indie legend.


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