Sxee Finesse – YOURS TRULY


YOURS TRULY is a new EP from hip hop artist, Sxee Finesse. Featuring an ambient, entrancing back beats, these songs promote a chill and contemplative vibe. As far as the delivery, Sxee Finesse has a mellow yet flawless flow. His moniker is actually appropriate, as he raps with a delicate finesse. His voice is just naturally smooth and softspoken. There’s nothing abrasive about it at all. A couple of the tracks contain guest performers like Trill Will and SMG-Gear. They manage to add another dimension to the songs they appear on while seamlessly integrating with the album’s atmospheric tone. The lyrics are reflective and highly imaginative. There’s a lot more detail and specificity than you typically find in mainstream hip hop. I’ve listened to thousands of hip hop releases, and Sxee Finesse has come up with metaphors and anecdotal similes I’ve never hear before. The lyrics in LUH WAYNE are particularly memorable. As an album, YOURS TRULY demonstrates that Sxee Finesse has carved out a niche for himself and maintains the artistic discipline to consistently stick with it.

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