Yaseen – Summer Beach House


Summer Beach House is an EP from Calgary-based artist, Yaseen. Containing 8 tracks, this release almost reaches full album territory. Among Yaseen’s prominent influences, he cites Majid Jordan, as well as the Canadian group, Hades. Yaseen’s music doesn’t seem limited to a particular genre, but the best way to describe the sound is that it combines contemplative and sentimental pop vocals with an organic, avant garde synth backing. The mix has a warm, outdoorsy analog quality, with subtly audible tape noise and a natural background.

The tracks seem intensely personal, as tracks like Old Civic feature nostalgic references to people, places, and things that presumably have meaning to the artist. Ultimately, that’s what makes this release a little more special than the average pop release. The artist takes you to a particular place and time. Even just the titles will offer listeners a vivid image of the setting. He sings with sincerity and utilizes some ambient vocal effects to accentuate the abstract, dreamlike vibe. Yaseen saves the title track Summer Beach House, and it’s definitely worth the wait. It has an awesome, retro-futuristic beat and is the best song on the album in my opinion. This EP is definitely heartfelt and represents a noble debut.

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