Waikiki – Midnight Taboo (Tropical House) and Hula Ce Soir (Hula 2 Nite)

Midnight Taboo Tropical House

Midnight Taboo (Tropical House) and Hula Ce Soir (Hula 2 Nite) are two fresh new singles from Waikiki, a singer/songwriter and entertainer (currently based in Norway and the South of France) who is originally from from Maui, Hawaii. She’s an established artist with a lot of impressive musical accomplishments already under her belt. Just to give a couple of examples, she was once signed to EMI Warner, where her single Maui No Ka OI made enough of a splash in France (and other parts of Europe) to be featured in an episode of Baywatch Hawaii. Through a deal that was brokered through EMI & BMG (her publishing company) with JVC Records in Tokyo, her song Paradise was another international success. That’s barely even scratching the surface of Waikiki’s comprehensive, global list of impressive credits.

The sound of Midnight Taboo (Tropical House) can best be described as “tropically futuristic.” That is to say that it combines carefree, tropical music vibes with futuristic synths and cutting edge house beats. It has that bright, euphoric quality that’s associated with EDM and just makes you want to smile. The song emits beams of pulsating, dreamlike synth waves that both energize your spirit and uplift your mood. The chorus is super catchy, and I found myself already singing along when I was only halfway through the first listen. It’s a very professional and distinctive song and has all the ingredients to become a dance club favorite. In the hands of the right DJs, this track should get a fair number of spins.

Waikiki- Hula Ce Soir (Hula 2 Nite) Tropcial House

The track Hula Ce Soir (Hula 2 Nite) has received a substantial number of streams on Spotify. While Waikiki’s #1 audience is technically the US (especially New York), this track has also received airplay and recognition in Europe, in countries such as Germany, England, the Netherlands & Spain.Hula Ce Soir (Hula 2 Nite) has even gotten the attention of the music media in Brazil & Latin America. Having just now listened to this jam, I can see why. This song has a beautiful intro that builds into an elaborate garden of organic tropicality, fresh synths and sparkling vocals. The aquatic vibe feels so invigorating, fun and free that this almost reminds me of late 90s summertime pop songs. It has a wonderfully innocent and escapist feel. Really it’s the perfect antidote to the crazy times we live in. This is my favorite of the two new singles. Hula Ce Soir (Hula 2 Nite) is a chartworthy song that is ready to make some big moves.

These new songs are great, but there are a lot more where they came from. I highly recommend taking some time to explore Waikiki’s earlier musical endeavors. There are a plenty of other worthy gems in this artist’s catalog.

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