Mzra Eiller – What’s Wrong?

Mzra Eiller_Whats Wrong_Cover Art

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What’s Wrong? is a new single from Los Angeles-based artist, Mzra Eiller. As part his background, he studied psychology, which has helped him to achieve greater depth in his artistic endeavors. One thing that becomes immediately apparent in What’s Wrong? is that Mzra is a strong vocalist. Not only is he an excellent singer technically, but his voice has a certain stylish and jazzy lounge quality to it. His delivery is emotionally expressive as each word is subtly accentuated and enhanced. The backing music has a warm analog feel, with a hint of tape noise and record crackle, securing the track its organic, avant garde identity. The humble sentimentalism and quiet detail in the audio help to distinguish this track from so many flashy and lifeless R&B style pop songs. Refreshingly, this is not another dime-a-dozen, ego-driven artist. What’s Wrong? has a personal touch and is brimming with sincerity.


Lyrically, the song is romantic and reflective, filled with sentiments of longing, hopefulness and regret. The mood oscillates between somber and celebratory, in the sense of recognizing how great someone makes you feel while agonizing over what went wrong. It will ultimately resonate with anyone who’s ever faced a similar situation.

The music matches the ambiance perfectly, and Mzra Eiller’s approach really does engrace itself deeply to the “psyche.” What’s Wrong? manages to complete a successful trifecta of talent, substance and tone. The production value is professional quality and certainly radio friendly but doesn’t come off as “manufactured” for consumer consumption the way most contemporary major label releases do. This song maintains its indie cred while also being approachable to normies. Mzra Eiller claims his goal with music is to “create something that people can connect and relate to and by doing so feel less alone in the world.” I think What’s Wrong? achieves that, but just as importantly, it is also an enjoyable listen and very good musically.