Matilde Girasole – Cup of Tea


Cup of Tea is a new single from Italian (but based in Singapore) singer/songwriter, Matilde Girasole. This is about as close as you can get to a perfect pop song. Unlike many contemporary stars, Matilde can actually sing. Her voice comes through crystal clear on this recording. It’s not all loaded up with autotune or “smoke and mirrors” processing. The vocals here are clean and pristine. I have to say this production is extremely polished and sonically pleasing. Matilde gives one of the best pop vocal performances in modern memory. The song itself is melodic and dynamic, with a complex, imaginative structure that’s layered to magnificence. Musically Cup of Tea is largely synth-driven and—when combined with Matilde’s vocals—culminates in the musical equivalent of a laser light show. The sound is full, bright and exhilarating, comparable to that of acts like Chvrches (whom she cites as an influence). This single is impressive on every level.

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