Benya Vya – Mountains (feat. Dee Wilson)


Mountains is a new single from Chicago-based artist/producer, Benya Vya. The song blends elements of summertime pop, R&B and light hip hop. With a peppy pace and bright, colorful sound, this track dazzles with its complex melodies and well choreographed structure. Maintaining a carefree and innocent vibe, the song sets us to remind us of the way that love has the ability to move mountains. Perhaps Benya Vya’s fruitful zest for life can be traced to a near-death experience he once had, after falling in the Arno River in Florence, Italy. He cites this incident as one of the primary catalysts for his decision to pursue music. Musically speaking, Mountains has a bit of an old school, retro flavor to it. The backing music is smooth groovin’ and the beat has a nice hop to it. Really it’s an excellent song. It’s a “fun in the sun” jam and will make you smile, but there’s an underlying sentimentality there to tug at your heartstrings as well.

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