Sxee Finesse – CITI


CITI is a new single from hip hop artist, Sxee Finesse. This prolific artist has really been cranking them out lately. We just recently featured one of Sxee’s other tracks, YOURS TRULY. The backing music in CITI features a sweet retro-synth, vaguely reminiscent of classic 16-Bit video game soundtracks. The beat itself has a nice “snap, crackle and pop” rhythm. In terms of delivery, the substance that Sxee brings to the table is a unique blend of artful timing and sentimental lyrics. His demeanor is cool, and the vibe is conversational. He’s a good vocalist, too. There’s more musicality in his voice than what you’d get from more “attitude and image-oriented” hip hop. As the title implies, CITI has a late night, metropolitan ambiance that’s perfect for closing out a club or going for a relaxing drive. The song finishes strong with some fresh bass. Once again, Sxee Finesse delivers as advertised.

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