Danielle Blaiq – The NOW Project


The NOW Project is a new EP from hip hop/soul recording artist, Danielle Blaiq. This release is much more advanced than standard musical fare in that it contains an actual storyline/narrative. It chronicles the experiences of an intelligent young woman who becomes romantically involved with a therapist. The songs represent the emotional highs and lows she experiences during the relationship. This avant-garde and intellectual effort isn’t without its musical charms either. Danielle Blaiq is a formidable vocalist, really a gifted singer. In addition to demonstrating a high technical skill level, her voice is also dynamic and emotionally expressive. The recording is very clean and clear. There are no production tricks or obfuscating effects. We are allowed to appreciate the album’s natural greatness and beauty in its full capacity.

In Over My Head

In terms of content, the album could best be described as a kind of audio diary (that just so happens to be musically enjoyable). We as invited eavesdroppers are privy to the intensely personal thoughts and feelings associated with the relationship. Danielle takes listeners on the journey and confides in us along the way. My favorite parts of the album are when she drifts into thoughtful, spoken word monologues, which slowly build and culminate in euphoric musical spectacles. The best example of this can be found on the track Here Now, and is truly powerful. There’s a lot of material and lyrical substance packed into this album, so I would urge readers to check it out for themselves. I guarantee you will find things here which resonate with you and treat yourself to some well-performed music in the process.

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