JPOPD1 – Deep End

deep end

Deep End is a new single from artist, JPOPD1. It’s slated to be officially available on youtube and all major streaming platforms on September 10. Contentwise, Deep End explores the relentless need to satisfy one’s desires, regardless of the circumstances. It deals with infatuation and the lustful pursuit of someone who isn’t interested (or simply has gone away). As you can see, JPOPD1 dives a little deeper than most pop artists and is willing to tap into feelings of vulnerability rather than merely present some carefully crafted marketing image. While the pacing of his songs is moderate, the beats are crisp and the delivery is emotionally expressive. One of his recent tracks, Taste Your Lips similarly features themes related to romantic longing and loneliness. Be sure and follow JPOPD1 on Instagram if you’d like to keep up with his latest releases.

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