Doc Jazz – Twenty Twenty


Twenty Twenty is a new single from Palestinian (but based in UAE) jazz artist, Doc Jazz. Released on the heels of his contemporary classic album, Love In the Time of Corona, this latest track cleverly juxtaposes the year “Twenty Twenty” with a medically inspired metaphor centered around “20/20 vision.” It’s a great example of how an artist can incorporate their personal experience and knowledge (Doc Jazz is actually a real-life surgeon) into the creative process.

One thing I like about this song is how bright and vibrant the tone is, even when the lyrical narrative deals with subjects like deception and betrayal. The beat has a smooth, electro-bounce to it. This is definitely jazz for the 21st century connoisseur. It has a very retro-futuristic and approachable quality and will appeal even to people who might not normally have a strong affinity for jazz. You can really shake it to this track, which at times ventures dangerously close to EDM/disco territory. Doc Jazz is technically very proficient, with a meticulous attention to musical detail (as one might expect from a surgeon), but the emotional component to the song is just as strong. The vocals are brimming with afflicted passion and sincere sentiment. Doc’s delivery is soulfully dynamic, and his voice is just naturally very expressive.

The production quality is professional, with a sound clarity that would more than satisfy the average stereophile. More great stuff here from Doc Jazz, who is proving himself to be a rather prolific songwriter. Also credit to Hugo Lee from Australia for contributing a solid saxophone performance, which definitely enhances the song. Be sure to check out the highly creative lyric video for Twenty Twenty, that features an exquisite dance routine from Lily (China).

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