Sepsiss – Blacklight Invasion

william smith

Blacklight Invasion is a new single from Sepsiss, a New England-based, female fronted heavy metal band. Taken from the group’s upcoming album, Almost 11, the track combines classic metal vocals with formidable guitars and a slick 21st century rhythm. The pacing of the song may be moderate, but the impact is ample. While the vocals maintain a delightfully demonic quality, they’re also quite melodic for this style of music. Charismatic lead vocalist Melissa Wolfe belts out the lyrics with equal parts electricity and angst. The mix is full and rich, achieving a cozy balance between euphorically bright and broodingly dark tones. The overall atmosphere is hypnotic and pulls you in with its shadowy magic. Blacklight Invasion is a respectable metal entry and intrigued listeners will be eagerly awaiting the release of the full album

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