Kilo House – The CHiLDREN


The CHiLDREN is a new single from Kilo House, a well known trap artist from California (and alumni of the Icon Collective College of Music). A man of eclectic tastes, he cites his influences as ranging from Blink 182 to Borgore.

High octane beats and laser-like synths hit with pulsating intensity in this powerhouse jam. This bad boy will get your heart racing and keep the spice flowing all night. The ambiance is dark and sinister (reflecting Kilo’s background in the deathcore genre) but the underlying current is playful, and the song doesn’t take itself too seriously. It just offers up some casual electro-horrorism for your enjoyment. Though I’d recommend cranking this track up to experience the “full blare” of The CHiLDREN, one should take some time to appreciate the sonic subtleties and dynamicism of the beat. The song also makes sparse yet strategic use of voice samples, which add a touch of dystopian atmospheric flavor to the mix. Ultimately, The CHiLDrEN makes the most of its concise 2:27 runtime, packing quite a loaded serving of fruit punch into its cup. Speed and action-oriented bass make this track a compact pocket party favorite. Enjoy!


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