ofmg spelled out

ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP is run by Theo “Mr. Network” Hall III & Dennis “DT” Turner. The FAMM in the name stands for “One Family Always Makes Money” and the group represents all musical genres. Founded in 1999, OMFG operated until 2005, took a hiatus and then reestablished itself in 2013. A look at their youtube channel shows that OMFG is clearly on a solid path. Featuring major label quality videos from artists like Dray Love and King Hanz, this is an outfit that’s striving for greatness.

According to Mr. Metwork, the foundations of OMFG are “humility, sincerity, passion, and perseverance,” values which are much needed in the music industry. OMFG aims to promote talented artists who “have fallen through the cracks” and may not have the resources to get enough exposure on their own. OMFG has an impressive roster of up and coming artists, and over the years their performers have opened for many of music’s biggest names (from a wide variety of genres). Be on the lookout for this company and expect a few of the artists from their talent pool to have breakout success in the coming years.

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