Trey Connor – Fear

Trey Connor Cover

Fear is a new single from singer/songwriter, Trey Connor, and appears on his recently released album, Horizons. Originally from the Detroit/Flint MI area, Trey is now based in Austin. Fear has already racked up over 18,000 plays on Spotify. The song has a very bright and polished feel. It easily qualifies as a contemporary pop gem. Trey’s vocal and guitar performances on the track are both stellar and establish him as a serious songwriter. The tone oscillates between quietly sentimental and outright euphoric throughout the song. While guitars provide much of the musical backbone, the drums pay a robust role, and layered vocals make the track full and colorful. This is a very crowded genre, where it can be difficult to stand out. Fear is definitely a top tier production, and people will take notice of Trey Connor’s ability.

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