Clay Rodgers – In The Hills of California

in the hills of california

In The Hills of California is a new album from Santa Barbara-based artist, Clay Rodgers. This album is interesting in that it actually contains a narrative storyline. Basically, it’s about an individual who ventures into the San Ynez mountains looking for people who have gone there for various reasons (to commit suicide, find themselves, indulge in their addictions, etc). Musically, the sound has an indie, experimental jazz sound. It’s very organic, and almost seems like it’s from another time period. The vibe is cool and swanky, with elements of folkish psychedelia. My favorite track on here is A Silent Hill Weeps which has a 1960s quality comparable to that of groups like The 5th Dimension, (only with thematically darker undertones). Also notable is the multi-part epic, Another Bend In the Road, which spans three full tracks. I review all kinds of music, but this album probably comes closest to what I actually listen to in real life. In The Hills of California is authentic, soulful, and just an all around great work of art.

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