Santa Sallet – Just Another Tuesday


Just Another Tuesday is a new single from hip hop artist, Santa Sallet. This song has one of the coolest retro-futuristic synth beats I’ve ever heard. It almost sounds like something you’d hear on a 70’s scifi soundtrack. The intro is really attention grabbing and will instantly pique your interest with its subtle and mysterious vibe. Inspired during a freestyle session with a friend while driving home one ordinary afternoon, this jam offers up catchy lyrics and precise timing. The flow is tight and rhythmically hypnotic. Santa Sallet makes rapping look easy, as he blends casual confidence with subtle humor and entrepreneurial spirit. He spits out gold bar rhymes like he’s got a vault full of them to spare. Sallet has a natural talent for songwriting and a good ear for “beat aesthetics” as well. Just Another Tuesday is a prime example of how great songs can materialize out of seemingly mundane events in our daily lives, if we are willing to seize the creative moment.

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