Cyborg Asylum – No Kingdom

Cyborg Asylum No Kingdom

No Kingdom is a new single from NYC-duo, Cyborg Asylum. This futuristic jam dazzles with its well constructed complexity and rich songwriting. These guys obviously know what they’re doing. Featuring melodic synths, guitars, well-chosen samples and a plethora of radical beats, this track is stacked. It’s like a piece of musical machinery that runs with precision. This is balanced by the emotionally expressive and soulful vocals, which are sung quite impressively. Everything in the mix is so well choreographed. The overall ambiance is slightly dark and atmospheric, a vibe which is enhanced by the band’s aesthetic choices and imagery. The song slowly builds and ultimately culminates is a rather epic finale. Everything here is recorded and performed to a very high standard. This release should turn some heads, even in a place as competitive as New York.

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