Ali Kulture Ft. Jay Beato – Brown Boy


Brown Boy is a new single from hip hop artist Ali Kulture, featuring Jay Beato. The production quality on this jam is excellent, boasting a pristine mix that’s brimming with sonic clarity. There’s no annoying static or muddled noise. It’s mostly just a clean and legit studio sound. The vocal delivery is crisp and punchy, as the artist offers up some forthright social commentary, relating it personal experience. He really lays it all out there in a storytelling fashion. His flow is straightforward, on point and he holds nothing back. Blending emotions like angst and anger with sentimentality, the track balances itself out nicely. Brown Boy should be a hit with contemporary hip hop audiences. It hits all the marks while maintaining a deeply personal touch. Be sure and check out the video below. It’s professionally made and correlates with the narrative of the song.

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