Kaleidanoyse – Kaleidanoyse V

Kaleidanoyse V

Kaleidanoyse V is a new album from Kaleidanoyse (an EDM project started by 2012 by Aureus Nova Solis). The style was apparently influenced by 90s night club music. It does have a bit of an old school techno vibe and reminds me of some of the cassettes I used to own and play in my car in high school on late night drives (I graduated in ’96). The ambiance is abstract and dreamlike. It’s just very meditative and hypnotic. Though it incorporates futuristic, psychically intense synths, there’s an earthy quality to the music. It’s subliminally calming and doesn’t feel “mechanical” in the least.

Kaleidanoyse V is an escapist’s dream. The most distinctive elements of this album are the beats, which have precise, speedy rhythm and a catchy “roll” to them. Certain tracks, like Starstruck have a more delicate and quaint charm, while recognizably retaining the stylistic thumbprints of the other songs. My favorite song on the album is Metal Temple, which is beautifully melodic and makes you feel like you’ve recently discovered a new world in an RPG. I highly recommend this release. Not only is it musically enjoyable, but it is one of the more artistically pure I’ve heard in recent memory.

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