Billy Blackgoat – The Murdercrows


The Murdercrows is the second album from experimental hip hop artist, Billy Blackgoat. His non-traditional approach incorporates rock, alternative, metal and even spoken word to create in genuinely unique sound. The ambiance is delightfully delightfully brooding and the music has a Tales From the Darkside vibe. Billy has one of the most distinctive voices I’ve ever heard in hip hop. His delivery is emotionally expressive in a manner not typically associated with hip hop. There are traces of despair, urgency and anguish int the vocals.

The songs dive deep into spirituality and symbolism. Listening to this album is almost like listening to a fantasy adventure, as we feel like we’re right there in the parallel netherworld the artist has constructed for us. Motifs such as insects, crows and various mythological creatures serve as metaphors and set the scene. My favorite track on the album is Pesticide, which I think is the catchiest jam on here. Billy’s vocal delivery is somewhat jarring (in an artistically effective way) initially but really starts to grow on you after you get used to it. It’s great to see hip hop like this that takes a more avant garde approach, rather than be centered around cliches and ego. Billy Blackgoat has released a total of two studio albums, as well as a live album. His third album is set to be released later this year.

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