Lil Wondr Boy – Not All There


Not All There is a new single from artist Lil Wondr Boy. The song exists as part of a growing new genre that blends emo and UK drill music. Indeed, the song is brimming with emotion as Lil Wondr Boy passionately lays it all out there. His vocals really are in that authentic tone of “emo” that I would recognize anywhere. It’s odd to hear it combined with hip hop style beats, but the sound works. Musically, it’s melodic with a hint of synth sparkle, while the rhythm has a healthy pulse to it. You can dance t this. In terms of ambiance, Not All There has a sentimental, rainy day vibe. The lyrics are reflective, sincere and ripe with anguish. It’s a pretty decent release, with bonus points for creativity. Lots of budding potential here.

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