CTRLT – Can Do

can do

Can Do is a new single from Atlanta-based afro-fusion/afro-pop artist, CtrlT. Released hot on the heels of his recent track, Star, this latest effort explores the concept of human potential. The song was inspired by a dancer whom CtrlT came across on social media and thought was extremely talented. This experience manifests itself in the song’s narrative, which consists of the artist asking a talented dancer what she “can do.” Thus, it is not really just about what moves she can currently do, but about getting people to think about aiming for the limits of what is possible for them to achieve. You have to respect how CtrlT strives for emotional and intellectual depth in his music, rather than just settling for superficial and cookie-cutter pop creations. This is genuinely poignant material. Can Do is slated for official release on 9/23 and will be available on all major platforms.

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