Yolanda Arrey – Beast


Beast is a new single from critically acclaimed artist, Yolanda Arrey. The song has an epic, almost theatrical style of presentation. With it’s creatively complex songwriting structure, elaborate production elements and impassioned performances, this was clearly an ambitious project. This makes sense when you realize the video for this jam is intended to be a tribute to Michael Jackson’s iconic classic, Thriller. It succeeds wildly in this endeavor, both in the theatrics as well as the musical substance.

Yolanda’s vocal style is incredibly distinctive. It’s like if you were to cross Enya with Whitney Houston, and throw in a bit of The Temptations’ wholesome charm. Bottom line though, is that Yolanda Arrey is a phenomenal vocalist and performs to a very high standard. While there is a plethora of musical variety in the mix, Yolanda’s powerful voice drives the song from start to finish.

In terms of content and aesthetics, Beast incorporates slightly dark undertones and seemingly “demonic” motifs as part of Yolanda’s underlying message, which is that “we should embrace our whole selves, even the parts we find a little scary, to be our best.” Thematically, this is achieved by coupling visually ominous imagery with the song’s bright and uplifting tone. This same duality exists in the title itself, as the term “beast” can conjure images of vicious animals but is also associated with boldness, and even the most beastly creatures have a sentimental and loving side. Anyway, this entire musical escapade is impressive, professional and I predict it will be extremely well-received by the general public.

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