Last Charge of the Light Horse – Last Charge of the Light Horse (9)

The Sand Reckoner is a new album from the group, Last Charge of the Light Horse. First off, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful album cover, which caught my eye immediately and is a genuine work of abstract art. I would hang this album cover in my living room. Musically, the album has a classic rock’n’roll vibe. The vocals are reminiscent of garage rock legends like Lou Reed, while the guitars are organic and have a slight “bluesy” and occasionally psychedelic quality to them. Last Charge of the Light Horse basically blends the heart, spirit and songwriting talent of iconic 60s-70s rock albums with improved production values and a 21st century, approachable sound. The performances are strong. This is one of those albums that college radio DJs would fall in love with. It’s a great, grass roots release that has enough creative surprises in store to distinguish itself stylistically from its inspirations and influences.

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