Steve Kilbey – Eleven Women


Eleven Women is a new solo album from artist, Steve Kilbey. The songs feature some unique musical backings, which oscillate between melodically bright and broodingly mysterious. It’s difficult to even characterize the overall tone. It’s just very enigmatic and thought provoking. In terms of mainstream comparisons, the “ambiance” is adjacent to that of artists like Chris Isaak or Leonard Cohen. It’s not quite alternative but not quite pop rock. Eleven Women has more of a polished, post-punk feel, yet with a mellow, coffee-house rock pacing. As the title suggests, the album features content-rich songs about 11 different women (give or take a woman). The artist is best known as the singer-songwriter and bass guitarist from an Australian band called The Church. He’s also a poet, writer and painter, which explains how these songs contain such fascinating and coherent narratives. He really hooks you in, and I found myself wanting to listen to this album multiple times to gain a deeper understanding of these women and their situations.

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