Woazy – Grow Up


Grow Up is a new single from Alexandria, VA-based hip hop artist, Woazy. Woazy has a decent flow and youthful delivery, while his lyrics are clever, catchy and engaging. Featuring a mellow, end of summertime vibe, the ambiance is chill. The pacing is still has enough juice to where you can dance to this jam if you’re in the mood. I really enjoy the beat, which has a very old school and pleasant tone. It really frames the track nicely and matches Woazy’s reflective, stream-of-consciousness style. Grow Up takes some creative twists and turns, incorporating some rather choice snippets and samples about 3/4 of the way through the song. Woazy has a lot of releases under his belt. He has a memorable name, and his authentic and unassuming demeanor will win over audiences who prefer enjoyable, artistic songs over superficial hype.

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