UTE – Happiness Together


Happiness Together is a new single from singer/songwriter, UTE. This sentimentally uplifting anthem features bright, melodic guitar tones, delicate piano and soft spoken vocals. Cultivating a spirit of togetherness and a celebration of the positive aspects of human relationships, the song is truly heartwarming. UTE is an excellent singer, and her voice has an emotionally intimate quality, reminiscent of classic adult contemporary artists like Yvonne Elliman and Karen Carpenter. The backing music has a mellow, jazzy feel and induces a subtle state of euphoria with its quiet power. Production quality is extremely professional and the mix is sonically pleasing.

Lyrically, the song emphasizes the notion of togetherness by consistent declarations like “I’m the one for you” and “you’re the one for me” as well as expressions of hopefulness regarding the future. As such, Happiness Together is overwhelmingly centered around positivity and optimism. This is a celebratory track that is certain to people who have found love and companionship at last and are primed to start looking forward to a future together. It also captures the sense of adventure and excitement one feels at the beginning of a new relationship. The authenticity and romantic purity in this jam is off the charts. The positive and somewhat reassuring message is highly relevant in these tumultuous times we live in.

Happiness Together has already surpassed 1 million plays on youtube. UTE is a prolific artist with a plethora of respectable releases in her catalog, most of which incorporate inspirational themes. You should also keep an eye out for the documentary Music Makes Me Fly, which goes into depth about her incredible story as well as her passion for making music. The concept of the “journey” seems to be a recurring motif in her music, both symbolically and literally. It’s clear from Happiness Together and her other songs, that UTE loves the journey of life and delightfully revels in all that it has to offer.

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