Charlie Christmas – Spotty Coverage (10)

Spotty Coverage is a new EP from Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Charlie Christmas. As the title coyly implies, the songs included are all covers of famous hits. Tracks ranging from Our House to You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet will be instantly recognizable to anyone older than a zoomer and who hasn’t been living in a bomb shelter for the last 50 years. The angle here is that these songs are given a bit of indie, avant-garde flair. For example, Our House incorporates some robust guitars and almost takes on a pop punk quality. Musically, Charlie absolutely does the original songs justice, as he captures the essence of the sounds you know and love, while delivering them in a form like you’ve never heard them before. The standout track on the album is I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry. The fast paced and authentically twangy instrumentals are performed to meticulous perfection, and the song left me wholly impressed. It also has an organic, “earthy” feel and the genuine expressiveness in Charlie’s vocals elevates the song into something beyond a mere “cover” tune. He makes it his own. Nothing spotty about this EP. It’s a good one.

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